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SAPTEX manufactures, rigid polyurethane foam in a wide range of densities for different applications.

  1. Density 30 to 60 kg/m³ normally for pipe and duct insulation.
  • Density 80 to 220 kg/m³ generally for ther-mal supports.


SAPTEX polyurethane foam is used in many different applications i.e. hot & cold wa-ter pipes, heating & air-conditioning ducts and industrial process pipework. PUR foam meets the requirements of national, regional and international standard/ specifica-tions. If higher performance level is required, Saptex can supply foam meeting most stringent properties. Where higher service temperatures and/or better fire perfor-mance is required, we recommend to use SAPTEX PIR pipe and duct insulation. SAPTEX PIR is a polyisocyanurate foam, which fulfils the highest fire ratings of rigid cellular foams.




PIPE FITTINGS including elbows, tees, valve covers, etc.

BEVELLED SEGMENTS for Vessels, Tanks etc.


30 kg/m³, 40 kg/m³, 50 kg/m³ and 60 kg/m³ normally for pipe, fittings and slabs.

80 kg/m³, 100 kg/m³, 120 kg/m³ and above for thermal supports, or any other special application.

SIZES: Pipe sections and fittings of any outer diameter, with length 1000 mm. Pipe sizes over 100 mm are made from segments.

Slabs 1200 x 1000 mm, 1200 mm x 2000 mm or requested sizes.

Polyurethane foam is vermin and rodent proof and inert to most chemicals.

DENSITY 30 to 60 Kg/m³ normally for pipe and duct insulation.

1- Density 80 to 220 Kg/m³ for thermal support or any other special application *Can be produced upon customer’s request

*The values given against the above properties are typical and are not meant to imply specification limit and should not be used for this purpose without reference to SAPTEX.

About us

SAPTEX is proud to serve and play a leading global role through our business lines with a strong portfolio of excellent product ranges. While optimizing the quality and performance, we care about reducing the products’ environmental impacts as well.