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is manufactured in similar process, like poly-urathane. SAPTEX PIR has all the characteristics and advantages of rigid polyurethane foam, in ad-dition to its greatly enhanced resistance to burn-ing, least spread of flame and ability to withstand continuous temperature of 140’c. When subject-ed to fire the outer surface of the foam forms a strong carbonaceous fibrillar facsimile network which prevents further flame spread and penetra-tion.

For ease of identification, SAPTEX PIR blocks may be coloured (if required) either pink or green, during processing.


SAPTEX PIR has many diversified applications in A/C, technical, petrochemical and other general insulation installations. It is used for thermal insulation of pipes, tanks, vessels, in process plants and airconditioning systems. It can be adhered to rigid or flexible substrates to add up a wide variety of properties suitable for duct, pipe and tank insulation.




PIPE FITTINGS including elbows, tees, valve covers, etc.

Product may be faced with aluminium foil, or can be provided as unfaced.

BEVELLED SEGMENTS for Vessels, Tanks etc.


30 kg/m³ to 50 kg/m³


Pipe sections and fittings, any O.D. but 1 meter length.

Up to 100 mm O.D. products are supplied in half sections.

Sizes over 100 mm O.D. can be supplied in half sections or segments as agreed.

Slabs of 1200 x 1000 mm and 1200 x 2000 mm or requested sizes.

SAPTEX PIR is vermin and rodent proof and inert to most of the chemicals.

Density 30 to 50 Kg/m³ normally for pipe and duct insulation.

*Can be produced upon customer’s request

*The values given against the above properties are typical and are not meant to imply specification limit and should not be used for this purpose without reference to SAPTEX.


Always consult the local regulations and contact the manufacturer for technical questions.

After installation the insulation pipes and ducts must be protected against weather conditions and sunlight.

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SAPTEX is proud to serve and play a leading global role through our business lines with a strong portfolio of excellent product ranges. While optimizing the quality and performance, we care about reducing the products’ environmental impacts as well.