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  1. The Surface should be cleaned from dust, water and moisture.
    • Metal- should be dry and free of scaling, rust, grease and oil
    • Concrete- should be clean and dry, Moisture content should be cured for 28 days and free surface moisture.
    • Wood- Free of standing water, moisture content should be less than 18%
  2. Air wind should not be more.
  3. For safety reason always spray in opposite direction of wind.
  4. Polyurethane (foam) is sprayed on layers with the required thickness with the work of the overalls on the walls.
  5. Before use, the material should be stored at between 70 and 80 degrees F. at least 48 hours in advance.


  • Check the material data sheets and barrel label for desired substrate tempera-ture recommendations.
  • A cold surface temperature will reduce the reactivity and reduce yield. This may also cause the foam to not adhere properly and cause popping of the foam.
  • Hot surface temperature can cause the foam to react quickly.
  • Higher mass substrates like concrete or heavy metal can absorb large amounts of heat or cold and are referred to as Heat Sinks.
  • If the substrate cannot be heated it is common practice to apply a flash coat of approx. ½ inch to seal off the substrate and add insulation before continuing the re-mainder application and retain the heat being applied.
  • There are different blends of foam. Some dedicated to winter and colder Temps. And other to summer or warmer climates. Check with your material supplier to make sure they are providing the correct blends, for your applications.


  • Excellent thermal conductivity.
  • Stable density.
  • Excellent compressive strength.
  • Better closed cell structure
  • Fire property B2 & B3.
  • Better surface hardness.
  • Excellent dimension stability.


  • Good fllow ability.
  • Tuned reactivity &querying.
  • Better miscibility.
  • Wide processing tolerance.


  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY (K VALUE) .K VAUE REPRESENT THE HEAT fllow in watts through 1 square meter surface and 1meter thick layer of a material when the tem-perature diffference between two surface in the direction of the heat fllow through 1 kelvin.


POLYURETHANE Insulation is one of best insulation material available in the world.

SAPTEX POLYOL and MDI are being used as a system for injection of polyurethane rigid foam.

SAPTEX is Formulating POLYOL with different blowing agents. SAPTEX SYSTEM HOUSE is located in Riyadh.

Excellent operational ability, mechanical properties, adhesive strength with,B2/ B3 fiire behavior and low thermal conductivity are the main features of polyurethane foam produced when SAPTEX POLYOL reacts with MDI.

Polyurethane insulation can help to reduce energy loss by stopping heat transfer be-cause of it’s high thermal resistance and good thermal conductivity.

Polyurethane insulation has property of good adhesion with metal sheet will help to provides structural strength to the structure of refrigeration body.

Polyurethane insulation is rigid and has high compressive strength as well.

Worldwide, in refrigeration industry polyurethane is being used extensively.

Polyurethane insulation can be produced by mixing SAPTEX POLYOL and MDI together in a given ratio and injecting in the cavity of structure.

Saptex can formulate polyol which is suitable for low and high pressure machines based on customer requirements.

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