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SAPTEX WALL GUARD is extruded polystyrene rigid foam board with an integral high density skin and homogeneous closed cell structure manufactured according to standrad specification ASTM – C578 .

WALL GUARD boards significantly reduce energy loss as entering through external walls of buildings as it has low thermal conductivity , its closed cell structure make it high resistance to water absorption, WALL GUARD is available in wide range of thickness to different insulation requirements.

WALL GUARD Board is specially designed for Interior Wall Insulation. Exterior Wall Insulation and Cavity Wall Insulation with rebated edges on all four sides, to eliminate thermal bridging. Hence, it is cost effective, easy to install and reduces loss of time.


Cavity wall is an advantage where exterior brick finish is required as WALL GUARD reduces energy loss through external wall.


Interior thermal insulation is being used mostly for existing buildings and could be used for new building


Exterior insulation can be installed either behind panels of marble or granite. WALL GUARD boards shall be fixed to external side of external walls using either plastic dowel or with compatible solvent free adhesive.

About us

SAPTEX is proud to serve and play a leading global role through our business lines with a strong portfolio of excellent product ranges. While optimizing the quality and performance, we care about reducing the products’ environmental impacts as well.