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Fadhili Gas Program Project
Quwaiyah S/S 8514
S/S Doumat Al Jandal Riyadh
Aramco Project - Rastanura
Safaniya Phase 2 project
Al Muajjiz Terminal - AMT Aramco
Saudi Aramco onshore Maintenance
Aramco Project-Abqaiq
Yanbu South Terminal Project
J3678 - Maintenance & Export Facilities - Aramco
Maritime academy in Jubail Ras Al Khair - Aramco project Alba Potline 6
Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant
Maritime academy in jubail Ras al Khair - Aramco project
NGL fire station building Aramco
IGCC Power Plant-Jizan
Saudi Aramco Al Muajjiz Crude Terminal
Saudi Aramco Pump Station Khurais
Saudi Aramco-Pump Station No.02
Saudi Aramco New Jet Propulsion Project
Saudi Aramco Soc No-C3l-112
33kv Switching Station-SEC
Acid Gas Removal unit
Afif Substaion 8604
Ain Bin Fuhayed Substation -8814-
Al Badaya Pump Station Ps4 & Ps5
Al Bayah Substation
Al- Dillam Substation 8718
Al Ferdous substation
Al Haram Road substation
Al Hulaifah Substation
Al Jihafah Substation 8914
Al Jouf Substation
Al Khaladiyah Substation Najran
Al Khayyat Ceramics Factory
Al Laith Substation
Al Mansourah 115-13.8 kv Substation
Al Mazroeyah 115-13.8 kv Substation
Al Nuhza Substation 8206
Al Osailah substation
Al Qaid Substation- 8925
Al Quz Substation
Al Sail Road Substation
Al Wesam Substation
Al-Aqeeq Substation8095
Al-Artawyah Substation8525
Al-Haer Substation8063
Al-Khishl 132/33 kv Substation Jazan
Al-Muajjiz Terminal offshore Facilities
Al-Qaid s/s -8925
Al-Quwaiah s/s -8514-
Al-Rawabi 132/13.8 kv Substation 8199
Bijadiah Substation 8608
Buraidah center Substation 8845
Dammam north 380k Substation
Duba power plant
EPC of Security Infrastructure for Jubail Phase II
Fadhili Gas Plant Sulfur Recovery Facilities
Fadhili Industrial Support Facilities Project
Flare Gas Recovery Facilities
Ghazlan Power Plant
Hail Substation - 3BSP - 9039
LGCC Power Plant-Jazan
Jazan Industrial Support Facilities
Jazan Sulpher Recovery Package 1, 2
Jizan Refinery and Terminal Project
Jizan Substation Power Plant
Khudariyah 115/13.8kv Substation # 2
Khurais Satelite Gosp
Marafiq HOP Project
Marafiq Yanbu Power Plant
P635-Schlumberger Mecre Project
Petro Rabigh - Phase II
Petrokemya ABS Project
Qurayyat Power Plant Extension III
Petro Rabigh II CP1, CP3
Sadara Chemical III Project
SEC Maridian Sub Station
Sibco Mega Plant
Solar TruckTerminal SABIC
SVC Al-Jouf 2 Substation
Tabuk Power Plant -2 exit 8
Tuhama Power Plant-Gate Houses
Turaif Substation
Umm Al Houl PowerIWPP for Hitachi
Umm wual Phosphoric Acid Plant
Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Industry
United Sugar Mill
Yanbu Power & Water Project
Yanbu Export Refinery
Yanbu South Terminal Power Plant
Yasref warehouse - Yanbu
Hail substation 9039
Al slail Factory for Aluminium
Dap/Npk Plant Project Ras al Khair
Emergency generator building (i-4601)
EPC of JIC Cooling Plant
Fire Station Building - Turaif
Golden Energy Soultions Factory
Hofuf Cement Plant
Hunayn makkah substation - 13.8kv
Ibn Sina Polyoxymethylene
Lawjan Substation
Maaden-um wual Project
Midyan Gas processing facilities, near tabuk, k.s.a
Olayan factory
Petro Rabigh II CP2, CP3
Royal Commission 201-C01 P&C of Sea Water
Pump Station
Sadaf EOP Project
Sadara U2601,03 &P2601, 03, 04
SABIC Safco Power Transfer Project
JIGCC Power Block Project
Shaybah Project
Shuqaiq Steam Power Plant stage-1
Shybah Power Plant
Sulphur Railcar Loading Facilities
Wasit-Industrial support Facilities
Watani Mineral Water Factory
Yanbu Power & Desalination Plant PH-3

About us

For more than 50 years of continuous work and gradual growth to meet market requirements, SAPPCO group has become the largest factory in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with its factories in Riyadh and Dammam to produce polyvinyl chloride pipes and connections in different sizes