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King Fahad Medical City (Riyadh)
King Khalid University Phase 3 GA02
King Khalid University Phase 2 MM01
Royal Commission Medical Center
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
KFSH & RC - Emergency Polyclinic, Riyadh
Jamjoom Pharma
Al Salam Hospital
King Abdul Aziz - Specialist Hospital
Taif Specialized Hospital
King Faisal Specialist Hospital Main East Wing Building
Al Hasa Health Center Package 6 Mr Ace
Saudi Aramco Al Hasa Health Center
Aramco Psychiatric Facility
Clemenceau Medical Center
Dammam Medical Clinic Expansion
Dammam University
Dammam University Hospital
King Fahad Girls University DSS - HDMI - Bridge
Faculty Education Building
Faculty Of Engineering - Hail University
Hail University
Jezan Uni - Engineering College
Kaust-New Student Housing
KFSH & RC - Emergency Polyclinic
KFU Teaching Hospital - Phase 2
King Abdullah University Dental College
King Faisal Aviation College
King Faisal Medical City - Abha
King Khalid University Phase Ii - Mm04 Mm09 Building
King Khalid University Male Medical Campus Ph-2 or Mm09
King Khalid Universityphase-3 Ga01, Ga02, Cc01, Cc05 Bldg.
Mouwasat Hospital
National Guard Specialists Hospital - Taif
Pharmacy College-Dammam
Princes Sultan University
Princess Nora University
Riyadh Women’s Hospital Non-Medical Buildings
Shamla Medical Pharmaceuticals KAEC
Suliman Al Rajhi Colleges
Women’s Hospital Medical Building
ARAC Health Care
Class Rooms for Girls in Jeddah Bldg. 3
Clinic Building - Admin Area - TURAIF
Dammam University Girls Educational College
KAUST Garden School
King Khalid University- MC09 Bldg.
Pathology Lab Building
Royal Commission Medical Center
Royal Commission Schools
Al Hasa Healthcare Center-Package 5, 6, 9
Imam University-Building 418
Jubail Industrial College Packages C58, C98
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology-RPSF
King Khalid University-Phase II-MM03, MM04, MM05
King Khalid University-Phase III
Umm Al Qura University-Phase 4
Family Clinic-Phase I
King Faisal Specialist Hospital
Dammam Laboratory Complex
Faculty of Engineering-Dammam University-Package-3
Hafr Al Batin Girls College
Jubail Industrial College Support Facilities-Package C57
King Saud University Medical College Extension
King Saud University National Diabetic Center
Al Hasa Healthcare Center-Package-4
King Faisal University Hospital
King Fahd Medical City
Al Emam University
Dammam University Faculty of Engineering-Package-2
King Khalid University Administration Building-Phase II
King Khalid University-Phase II-MM01, MM02, MM09,
King Saud University Dental College
Medical Warehouses at Arar, Hail, Aseer
Lab Language System Complex
Dammam University Faculty of Engineering-Package-1
Jubail Industrial College Academic Building
King Saud University Project-Riyadh
Jeddah / Hasa / Madina
King Khalid University-Abha
King Saud University Project-Hasa
Princess Noura University

About us

For more than 50 years of continuous work and gradual growth to meet market requirements, SAPPCO group has become the largest factory in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East with its factories in Riyadh and Dammam to produce polyvinyl chloride pipes and connections in different sizes